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Five Critical Steps for a Success Marketing Automation Implementation

Marketing Automation is a platform, meaning it is a vehicle to communicate with prospects, capture interactions, and synthesize & qualify leads, so that you can further engage the right leads and close more business. Successful implementation requires the right communications to the right audience and the right formula to distinguish a qualified lead from a tire kicker.

Here are the five critical steps for a success marketing automation implementation:

  1. Broaden your market reach. There are two ways to reach your target market and you must have a plan for both. Inbound marketing leverages search engines and social media to attract prospects. Outbound marketing uses email and other direct communications. Inbound supports outbound and vice versa. 
  2. Understand your customer life cycle. Your prospects don’t just wake up one day and place an order. They go through a process that usually includes identification of a problem, researching a solution, learning about your product and competing products, and making a decision to purchase. Use your understanding of the customer life cycle to map out a customer acquisition process, starting with the initial interaction and ending with a new customer. 
  3. Develop a content plan. At each stage in the customer acquisition process, you need content to effectively engage your prospects. Adapt the content and the medium (emails, post cards, web pages, videos, etc.) to provide value to your prospects at each stage.
  4. Set-up your marketing automation methodology. Convert your process map and content plan into a marketing workflow and get started. Track leads from your web forms, deliver triggered messages, drive prospects to landing pages, and score your leads.
  5. Evaluate the quantity and quality of your leads. How many leads did you follow-up? Opportunities? How many new customers did you bring on-board? Your outbound and inbound marketing efforts, your content, and your customer acquisition processes should be continuously evolving. Marketing automation provides the feedback mechanism for this evolution to take place.

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