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Planning & Implementing Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a powerful technology that enables marketers to better manage the complexity of digital marketing in order to reach more prospects, engage with more leads, create more sales ready opportunities, and close more business. But without adequate planning and implementation, marketing automation remains a promise chasing a dream. We “wrote the book” on marketing automation and through our experience with dozens of clients, have streamlined a successful approach.    

Here are four services we offer to help clients ensure a successful marketing automation implementation:

  1. Marketing Automation Audit/Readiness Assessment.  Here we identify and review all of the elements required for successful implementation of a marketing Automation solution and map this against your company's relevant skills and capabilities in areas such as data list size and quality, content generation, marketing resources, website inbound capabilities, social presence, and marketing processes. The results of this assessment allow businesses to make a sound judgment as to if, and when, to implement marketing automation and to put together a detailed list of the organizational tasks required to ensure success. 

  2. Selecting a marketing automation vendor is a time consuming and arduous process. The field is changing rapidly as new entrants emerge (we have counted 75), product features expand, and the financial condition of vendors change. Whereas vendors tout their product features, other key considerations such as support capabilities, and financial viability are often difficult to ascertain. In our Marketing Automation Vendor Selection service we identify your key functional requirements, create a short list of leading software providers that meet these requirements, and compare the short list based on features, pricing, support, and—when necessary—other considerations. We also recommend a demo and, potentially, a trial for one or more platforms. 

  3. Marketing Automation Implementation Plan. No matter how you cut it, marketing automation is a big investment for any organization. Businesses need to walk before they run and successful implementation requires a realistic plan that takes into consideration five key elements: Technology, Content, Data, Resources, and Processes. Our Marketing Automation Implementation Plan builds on the Marketing Automation Audit/Readiness Assessment, laying necessary tasks including generating content, building an email prospect list, nurturing and scoring leads, and streamlining the customer acquisition process. Here we lay out a step-by-step plan, customized for your business, to ensure that our clients maximize their investment in marketing automation. 

  4. Implementation. Now that we’ve planned a successful marketing automation implementation, we need to “work the plan”. In this implementation stage, we assign tasks to appropriate resources, hold meetings to review status, identify issues and problems, and work towards resolutions.  This work is done in partnership with our client and we will jointly determine the scope of our involvement. Here is what comes with ALL IMPLEMENTATIONS: 

    • Marketing Automation software platform set-up 

    • Data list imported

    • Marketing segmentation of customers/prospects

    • Content production and distribution schedule 

    • In-house resources assigned to key tasks

    • Lead scoring established

    • Nurture campaign(s) set up

    • Email template created

    • Initial email campaign sent

Fee: Price for implementation will be determined by agreed upon scope of work but starts at $750. 

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