A Marketing Roadmap provides an assessment of your current marketing and a plan for creating a successful marketing program to find, get and keep the right customers. Your Roadmap starts with a clear understanding of your target market, the value you bring to your clients and how your products are positioned in the marketplace.

How Can a Marketing Roadmap™ Help My Business?

Your Roadmap will help you to accomplish the following:
  • Articulate & communicate your value proposition.
  • Position your products & services.
  • Understand and reach your target markets.
  • Assess new market opportunities (and threats).
  • Determine the effectiveness of your current marketing mix.
  • Align your marketing with business goals.
  • Identify specific areas for improvement and initiate projects.
  • Use your web site and other marketing technologies to improve results.
  • Learn how to capture and qualify more leads

What Additional Value Will a Marketing Roadmap™ Provide?

We will look at all aspects of your existing marketing operation and help you to answer the following questions:
  • Is your marketing aligned with your business objectives?
  • Do you have a clearly defined value proposition for your products and services?
  • Is your web site effective?
  • How are your products positioned vis-à-vis the competition?
  • Have you adequately segmented your market?
  • Are you reaching your target market?
  • Do you have the required knowledge of your customer base?
  • How effective are your lead generation efforts?
  • Do you have the right marketing resources in place?
  • What marketing activities need to be put in place over the next 12 months to achieve your business goals?
Marketing Roadmap

The Marketing Roadmap™ will include immediately actionable recommendations for improving your marketing.

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